MCOMM Strategic Consulting has over 25 years of professional experience in the public, private, non-profit and Federal sectors — we offer our clients expertise in strategic planning and brand management along with a compelling track record of implementing successful Integrated Marketing Strategies through the development of ONLINE marketing channels (i.e., Web, Email, Social and Mobile platforms), combined with more traditional OFFLINE marketing channels.

Core Competencies

Our "core competencies" can be broken down into four major areas:

Strategic Planning

Helping organizations to develop/re-define a strategic direction that not only considers an organization's current needs but plans for its future course, and the demand that it will place on its infrastructure and resources. This also includes development of an effective Change Management Strategy (i.e., Strategic Communications Plan) to plan and allow for a smooth transitioning of individuals, teams, and organization from its "current state" to a desired "future state."

Brand Management

Whether it's creating an ad campaign, developing a website, designing a logo, or implementing a social media strategy — effectively managing an organization's brand strategy involves an integrated approach that delivers a consistent message to clients, membership, stakeholders, team members, media/industry representatives, corporate partners and the general public. Developing the right positioning and branding strategies includes designing programs that communicate value to specific markets. A complete "Corporate Identity Program" includes: positioning analysis, product naming, services and business units, market perceptions (corporate and competitors) and creation of consistent message branding. This is initiated through the development of specific branding standards and style guides, and maintained through proper management of and application to marketing channel strategies.

Integrated Marketing

Implementing a successful Integrated Marketing Strategy utilizes the development of ONLINE marketing channels (i.e., Web » Mobile » Email » Social platforms), combined with more traditional OFFLINE marketing channels. This integrated use of marketing channels across the enterprise helps organizations to concentrate their resources in order to achieve their goals set forth as part of their strategic plan.

Web Services

Creating an effective Integrated ONLINE Marketing Strategy involves a best practices approach that integrates Web » Mobile » Email » Social platforms. This strategy allows organizations a better means of communicating to customers, membership, constituents and/or stakeholders; engage them to interact and become involved in issues as well as help to build consensus and formulate policy.