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Developing an successful business or organization is more than just creating a name, putting some pictures and text in a brochure or up on a website - it needs an identity, something unique that brings life to the product or service that you have worked hard to create.

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A brand gives your business life - it's the personality, the feel, the voice or your organization. It's this authenticity that makes customers want to choose your business over someone else... or even purchase at all. So whether it's creating an ad campaign, developing a website, designing a logo, or implementing a social media strategy – effectively managing an organization's brand strategy involves an integrated approach that delivers a consistent message to clients, membership, stakeholders, team members, media/industry representatives, corporate partners and the general public.

Brand management is the task of developing the right positioning and branding strategies, which includes designing programs that communication value to specific markets. This provides solid product positioning that make for long-term marketing initiatives. A complete Corporate Identity Program includes positioning analysis, product naming, services and business units, market perceptions (corporate and competitors) and creation of consistent message branding. This is initiated through the development of specific branding standards and style guides, and maintained through proper management of and application to marketing channel strategies (i..e, advertising, content management, digital media and collateral design, public relations, etc.)

Properly communicated, effective branding will heighten awareness and market acceptance which will create valuable leads for donations, membership, campaigns, events and sales.

Some critical areas that branding can effect:

Branding Standards & Style Guides

The first contact most people have is not with a person, but with something visual — perhaps a websites, news release, brochure, or a letter. Maybe it's a sign, an exhibit, or a banner. If what they see is attractive, easy to read, and clearly identified as coming from YOUR organization, they will have formed a favorable impression... if done correctly, over all vehicles/channels, to form a consistent brand image that is identifiable and perhaps, memorable.

Attractive, readable communications don't just happen. They have to be planned and carried out according to carefully established guidelines that create a sense of unity, so that everything looks as it comes from the same office, department or division. Branding standards, as conveyed via a well developed organizational style guide, helps organizational personnel and supporting teams, to give a unified and consistent look to all of the organization's many and varied ways of reaching its members, stakeholders, employees and the general public.

Sample Branding Style Guide Outline:

Development of established guidelines (branding standards) that outline specific details including display/usage of logo image (i.e., font, specific colors, sizing, etc.) in order to convey a consistent and unified look across multiple platforms. This detailed description concerning the usage and application of an organizational image to various mediums and venues includes:

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